Unapologetically Myself

Let’s get real for a second. Our culture values Instagram likes, follower amounts and appearance. Sometimes, we go so far as to determine a person’s worth based on status. As you can tell (& you have probably experienced), there is a lot of pressure put on us to keep up an appearance that everyone will like. But, you will never be confident in yourself if your confidence is based on others opinions.

Lately, being confident with who I am as a person has been on my heart. Around me, I have witnessed in my own life, my friends lives, and complete strangers lives that the pressure to be less of ourselves, to hold back. In my life this looked like calculating every word I would say. I would wait for the “perfect” time to say something, and if the moment didn’t come along I wouldn’t share my thoughts. Everything I did was thought out and planned. I only wanted people to see what I thought they wanted to see. My mindset was to hold back my unique personality to fit in and be liked. In reality that made me just like everyone else.

I wish we could be so confident in ourselves that no ones opinion would change us.

I have been trying to live unapologetically myself. If I have something to say, I say it. I don’t hold myself back to “fit in.” Be confident in who you were made to be. My hope is to inspire people to not care what others think.  Let’s stop doing what is popular to “fit in”.  We need to be more confident in who we are.



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