Becoming Instead of Wishing

February is #lovemonth. Like a lot of girls I am single and during February that can be difficult. If your single like me this post is for you!!

This week God has been teaching me that instead of sitting around and wishing for someone to spend the rest of my life with I should be treating this part of my life being single with joy. It seems everywhere I went this week I have been challenged to focus on becoming who I need to be in God for my future husband. What God has spoken in my life this week through my Wednesday night group, my Pastor and through His Word is how important it is to not only pray for my future husband but to also become the person I am praying for.

I pray my husband would be searching for more of God. I pray protection over him. I pray that he would be patient and kind. I pray he would know how to love like Jesus. I pray that he will make me a better person and that I make him better. I pray he is familiar with grace and forgiveness. I pray for his wisdom and guidance when it comes to pursuing me. I pray for a lot of things. Mostly, I pray for the kind of person he will be.

Think of all the prayers you pray for you future husband, especially the one’s about his character. He’s probably praying for the kind of person you will be too. So while you are waiting patiently (or trying to be patient) for your future husband I challenge you to focus on becoming who you need to be. Focusing on becoming the person you are supposed to be in Christ.

I am thankful this year for this stage of singleness because I can grow in my faith and grow to be a better person for my future husband. My prayer right now is God will help me become who I need to be in Him for my husband.


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