This week has been eye opening. I am generally shy so naturally when attending a new church I hadn’t made friends the first few weeks. My church has eGroups where a small group of us get together and do life together. I decided to take a leap of faith and join one. The women’s group seemed like the perfect choice. (I have made great connections through this group). The topic of the group is finding God’s purpose for your life. We are currently reading Lisa Bevere’s book Without Rival.
As I sit here sipping my Iced Chai while reading in the coffee shop my eyes are being opened. I find myself highlighting words that speak life to me.
One particular part of the book reads “God wants to redeem, restore, and change your identity so that there is no incident, season, or name from your past left to define you.” Can I just say “WOW”. This is definitely something I struggle with and God has been opening my heart this week and showing me the lies that have consumed my life.
God is an all powerful God. He gives us life. He defines us. No one can take His place or take away His promises for your life. Sure these things can hold us back but they DO NOT define who you are. A mistake doesn’t define the rest of your life. He can still use you for your purpose.
Let God speak this into your heart today. He wants to show you truth and everything that is good. He has a purpose for your life.
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